“Cardiff Concern provided an excellent service. To know this service is available when other avenues of support are not, due to their high cost, is amazing. The counsellor was a good listener, explored issues I hadn’t considered before, was open, honest, humorous and empathic. Thank you so much.”

”I feel so much better knowing I can come to these sessions, because it means I have someone impartial to turn to, instead of a family member or friend.”

”I am so grateful for the time, patience and genuine interest given to me. It was good to talk and feel listened to and also be able to discuss issues with a person I could trust and not get embarrassed with.”

”I would describe my experience of Cardiff Concern as eye-opening. Being able to speak to someone openly has helped me put things into perspective and I’m really grateful to them for that.”

”Thank you so much for care and compassion as well as insightful questions. You provided wonderful support at an intense and difficult time.”